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Do you need money for your business and you have payment instruments (promissory notes/cheques) from your customers, which are to be cashed later?


  • 100% online lending
  • Minimum documents
  • Fast financing in just few hours
  • You receive up to 100% of the invoices issued value
  • You immediately cover your needs for liquidity
  • You can pay your suppliers right away or in advance and get a discount
  • You can pay in time your state taxes
  • You have money to pay salaries
  • You don’t need other material guarantees
  • Doesn’t affect the indebtedness of the company
  • Predictable cash flow and improving liquidity financial indicators
  • Counseling and support from a team of professionals

Discounting Promissory Notes and Cheques Calculator

How much do I receive for each instrument?
Upload promissory note/cheque and find out how much you receive in your account.
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The offer is informative and it is not a firm offer. In order to obtain a firm offer, you need to create an user account and fill in the factoring application.
You receive

How does it work?

You can get a quick financing by following 3 simple steps:

  • Create an user account on www.omnicredit.ro, by filling in personal data and then validate your contact details
  • Add your company data
  • Place a discounting request and follow the steps to add the requested documents

In case of approval resolution obtained after the internal analysis, the discounting contract will be signed and the assignment notification will be sent to the assigned debtor.

After the approval and signing of the contracts, the money will be transferred to adherent’s bank account.

At maturity, the assigned debtor will proceed the payment in Omnicredit account based on the assignment notification sent to them.

To whom is addressed to

Omnicredit was created to support Microenterprises and Small Enterprises, that are using our alternative financing solutions due to lack of liquidity.

The most common industries that are using this discounting services are: transport, constructions, companies that work with state institutions, small producers, retailers.

Promissory note or cheque discounting service is a simple solution through which a company can collect in advance the value of the instruments with term payment, exclusively online and obtaining the working capital needed for business development.


What is a promissory note?

The promissory note is a financial payment instrument by which an entity provides a guarantee for the issued invoices collection.  The promissory note means an acknowledgment of the debt that the debtor has towards his creditor.

What is a cheque?

The cheque is a payment instrument by which the account holder instructs his bank to make a certain amount of money available to another entity, individual or legal person, upon presentation of the document. Usually, the cheque guarantees the payment of issued invoices.

What is discounting?

It is the process of financing certain, liquid and due receivables resulting from issuing a certified payment instrument (promissory note, cheque).

When can I use discounting? Is it suitable for me?

The discount represents one of the most helpful and fast financing methods, being accessible to any company. It is the process by which you guarantee the instruments received from your clients and you can collect their full value right away, before they reach maturity.

Most often companies choose discounting services when they have a major time difference between the suppliers payment and the received instruments due date (promissory note, cheque).

How can discounting help me?

By using the discount service, you can immediately collect promissory notes and cheques with future payment terms, received from your customers, so you can quickly get cash for: salaries, taxes, supplier payments.

We know how important TIME is for you, so now you have more time for what matters to you: your business! At Omnicredit you benefit from discounting promissory notes or cheques, exclusively online! In 2 hours* you can cash in advance the value of the term payment instruments that you keep in your drawer.

Discount at Omnicredit the payment instruments and you have the money in the account within maximum 2 hours* from their upload on our platform

*For standard amounts of up to LEI 25,000

What are the costs of this financing method?

The average cost is about 3% per month of the instrument value, but it depends on the financing period, the requested amount and the analysis result.