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Credit for Suppliers Payments

You would like to sign more contracts or honor more orders but payments at suppliers give you headaches? The credit for suppliers payments from Omnicredit can solve your problem! In 8th hours from approval, we pay your suppliers, and you can honor the contracts/orders with lower cost due to advanced payment.


  • 100% online lending
  • Minimum documents
  • Fast financing in just few hours
  • We pay your suppliers right away and you get a discount.
  • You don’t need other material guarantees.
  • Counseling and support from a team of professionals

How does it work

  1. You sign a contract/receive an order but you don’t have money to pay the suppliers for raw materials to honor the contract/order;
  2. Create an user account on omnicredit.ro and add your company data;
  3. Place a request for Credit for Supplier Payments.
  4. Based on the approval resolution obtained after the internal analysis a suppliers payments credit line will be approved and you can draw any time you need to pay your suppliers.
  5. At each draw from the suppliers’ payments credit line, we will do the payments straight in the suppliers account and you will be able to negotiate lower prices with them.

To whom is addressed to

During 2022, Omnicredit conducted a survey on several hundred SMEs and among the main problems listed by them, an important one was the impossibility to sign more contracts or fulfill more orders due to the lack of liquidity necessary to start them, especially the payment of suppliers or subcontractors.

So, Omnicredit continues its desire to meet the needs of small entrepreneurs has launched this product simply, quickly and with a minimum of documents.

Credit for Suppliers Payments

Get a Line of Credit for Advance Payment of Suppliers within 8 Hours.
100% Online Lending – Minimum Documents




To whom this product is addressed?

The product is addressed to micro and small and medium-sized enterprises that have difficulties in honoring their contracts / orders because they do not have the money to pay their suppliers. The main industries that can benefit from this service are: transports, constructions, companies that work with the state, small producers, retailers, etc.

What guarantees do I need to obtain this credit?

As a guarantee we will make assignment of future receivables on the contracts / orders you have from your customers, and we will notify them of the existence of the assignment. In addition, we will ask you for promissory notes endorsed by the legal representatives of your company, a Cheque and other guarantees if necessary.

What are the advantages of this type of credit?

The way this product was created is to help you to be more efficient in your treasury activity and to support you in negotiating better prices with your suppliers.

What are the costs of this financing method?

For this service you will pay a granting commission at the time of approval of the credit line and then monthly the interest calculated on the drawn balance.

What are the conditions that my company must fulfil to obtain a credit line?

You must have at least three months of activity and have concluded contracts / orders received from your customers, legal entities.