Do you need money for your business and you have payment instruments (promissory notes/cheques) from your customers, which are to be cashed later?

How much do I receive for each instrument?
Upload promissory note/cheque and find out how much you receive in your account.
Your invoice is worth lei
The invoice is due within days
The offer is informative and it is not a firm offer. In order to obtain a firm offer, you need to create a user account and fill in the factoring application.
You receive

We know how important TIME is to you, therefore, you now have more time for what is important to you: your business! At Omnicredit, you have the promissory notes or cheques discount service, with no trips! In 2 hours* you can cash in advance the consideration of payment instruments on due date that you have in your drawer.

Using the discount service, you can cash today the promissory notes and cheques received from your customers with due date in the future. You back them to Omnicredit, who pays them immediately, and we wait their cashing on due date.

Discount is one of the most helpful and fast funding methods, being accessible to any company.

It is an extremely simpleproduct! You can cash in full the cheques and promissory notes received from your customers, before they reach due date, through only a few clicks. The process is extremely simple, being the fastest funding method.

Discount at Omnicredit the payment instruments and you have the money in the account within maximum 2 hours* from their upload on our platform
*For standard amounts of up to LEI 25,000


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